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Birds and Squirrel.jpg

Birds and Squirrel
oil on linen   90 x 160 cm   2023

Winter Landscape T.jpg

Winter Landscape T
oil on linen   150 x 250 cm   2023

Rabbit In Moonlight.jpg

Rabbit In Moonlight
oil on linen   60 x 40 cm   2023

Peacocks, male and female.JPG

Peacocks, male and female

oil on linen   125 x 155 cm   2019

Pigeon and Full Moon.jpg

Pigeon and Full Moon
oil on linen   60 x 40 cm   2023

Catherine the Great on horseback.JPG

Catherine the Great on horseback

oil on linen   45 x 35 cm   2018

Bird's Concert K.JPG

Bird's Concert K

oil on linen   125 x 145 cm   2018

Winter Landscape Q.jpg

Winter Landscape Q
oil on linen   150 x 250 cm   2021

Dog of John Talbot.JPG

Dog of John Talbot

oil on linen   110 x 90 cm   2018

Bird's Concert W.jpg

Bird's Concert W

oil on linen   100 x 120 cm   2020

Copyright (c) Hidenori Mitsue. All rights reserved


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